Fine art by Darren Cox aka Daz Gobzine.

dandelion fairy with spider and puff ball! Darren Cox Daz Gobzine

This site is not recommended for children or those opposed to free will and expression.

Darren Cox art studio

Art from the studio of Darren Cox

This website is a collage of pictures and words that made sense at the time they were published but may not mean so much at a later date. I have multiple projects working at once but the over all goal is to sell my original work. can get you more information if you request it - and that's part of the point - YOU have to be involved, consciously, don't just click 'like' or passively view - I much prefer that you not like my work or my words than mindlessly be polite - this is real art by a real artist - nothing has been done for a quick buck or without conscious meaning at the time - maybe you will see things were not intended that you consider art - that's even better! No matter what, this is art - good or bad and you decide the good or bad  - if you cannot decide if you like it or not then why are you here?

Darren Cox art studio 2019 horses painting in progress oil on canvas

This site is the work and opinions of one immortal soul having a human experience as an artist with all the glorious failures and messes that entails. I mean no offense to anyone who visits and have warned you that my work is for mature and open minds. I have given away most of everything that I have ever made and have many friends across the world who know that I take my art (and soul) very seriously. 

I want to share as much as I can in this digital format but also in physical work as having a floor to ceiling tapestry painting is a zillion times better than a tiny little image and while I can't paint all of you a mural I can provide an affordable piece of real fine art to all of you.

I plan to send my paper zines out to those who request them and have a subscription feature where you can have a unique art zine sent monthly along with stickers etc of my work. I'm not planning to beg any art galleries to sell my work, I don't even have a CV as who wants a boring list of shows to prove I can paint? Just look at my work and decide if you like it or not! Love, Daz


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Commissioned paintings!


I did this one for Brian to his specifications.

Life sized portraits!


This one looks exactly like Brendon!

Small murals


I did this one for Jessica in her book store!

Really big fairy tale paintings!


I did this one for my gallery show at the Studios at Sheridan in Peoria!

Pet portraits!


Here is our late great Izzy!

Tapestry paintings


Paintings on canvas with cloth backing to cover your walls from ceiling to floor!


This is the current art website for Darren Cox - you might know me from my old closed down websites such as and many others but this is where I am now! sign up to receive cool art updates and communicate via gobzine at ! If you love fine art that celebrates beauty, love and the magic of the natural world then this art might be for you! Please note this is not for children as there might be boobs and other areas of anatomy that once translated into paint and ink offend people. 

Pegasus and girl mural by Darren Cox

have the balls to just do it - you wanna paint big then paint big - I did and it has been a lot of fun!

"I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people." Vincent Van Gogh