Fine art by Darren Cox aka Daz Foxcat Gobzine.


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Stuff I have done and doing

Commissioned paintings!


I did this one for Brian to his specifications. I celebrated his love and family with these beautiful motifs and it was a pleasure to work on - I love you man!

Life sized portraits!


This one looks exactly like Brendon! I don't accept portrait commissions unless you are royalty or celebrity (sorry y'all - it takes too much time for what you can afford to pay me).

Small murals


I did this one for Jessica in her book store! It's gone now as she moved locations but she has my (only other) portrait in her shop along with Hollye's fairy tale painting! Visit Lit on Fire !!

Really big fairy tale paintings!


I did this one for my gallery show at the Studios at Sheridan in Peoria! All my gallery shows are a smashing success and a glorious event!

Pet portraits!


Here is our late great Izzy! I might paint your pet (or a random animal)  if you can afford a little cash to make it worth my time.

Tapestry paintings


Paintings on canvas with cloth backing to cover your walls from ceiling to floor! This is what I've decided is the most fun, affordable and awesome type of art I do currently!

Bigger murals


Life sized figures and horses - hell yeah! At the Studios at Sheridan when I rented a space there.

Really really fucking big murals


I spent years working on and off on this huge one! This one is at the old Speakeasy Art Center in Pekin Illnois - probably all gone now as the building was sold to a private owner.

Never sold out - always me!


I've spent my adult life being an artist and haven't stopped to work on shit that I don't love just to get money, I like money, I want money but I can't paint shit I don't feel.

Murals I like to see!


Me again - I just love having big art in my home and air guitaring in front of it, why, because I rock! (and you do too if you read this far)!

Underground art zines


Hundreds of people have received my underground art zines in the mail instead of getting boring ass bills and catalogs!

Original murals on canvas that can be put anywhere!!


I painted this really cool grey cat for my wife Hollye as she wrote a sweet story about one.

More cool stuff i made!

This is all the work of Darren Cox aka daz Foxcat Gobzine All Rights Reserved.