Fine art by Darren Cox aka Daz Gobzine.

Inside cover of summer 2008 Gobzine by Darren Cox "Treasure box" swirly art!

Gobzine - art!

Faerie art zine by Darren Cox - a Gobzine publication

Faerie Zine #1

Gobzine 2018 centerfold trippy art

Gobzine 2018 centerfold

pages from Gobzine 2018 spiritual philosophy essay

Gobzine 2018 spiritual philosophy

Art by darren Daz Lartist Honey Wishthing Cox

Gobzine back cover by Darren Cox

What exactly IS an underground art zine?

Ever since ways to mass produce printed literature were invented there have been micro run printings of vanity art projects. The underground comics scene of the 1960's paved the way for the punk zines of the  70's and so on. 


Yes - by now the cool people of the world understand that anything published by corporations or governments or the evil lizard men overlords (haha!) is so infested with agenda driven intent that the actual art is just another commodity to market rather than let happen organically.  This art will not be on the internet for the most part - it will exist as ephemeral paper copies, stickers etc etc.


There will be nudity in the zines - but don't look for porn in my work. I do not judge or advocate any expression of recorded consensual physical activity to be censored but that's not my scene as an artist. If you think an unclothed human being is porn then you have issues that my work will only make more perverse in your head.  My hero is Michelangelo and the artists who followed him lead up to me.  If there is nudity in my work it is for punk rock zine flavor or classical tradition fine art reasons. 

When where how do you get copies?

Hoping to have the first zines go out before xmas 2019 - they will be put in envelopes and mailed to whatever address you want them to go to but it will be addressed to your name - I'm not sending copies to children or religious people who cannot handle uncensored material. If you are of legal age to view adult material then you just need to ask me for a copy.  I've sent hundreds of zines across the world  already - it feels great to get something cool in your mail box !!!!

How is this funded?

Private donations - i would like to have a monthly zine sent by a Patreon funded subscription model where you can give me feedback and suggestions and expect a consistent flow of content - bare in mind that my editorial style is similar to Morrissey so what i say goes when it comes to the content.


Because this is how I choose to express myself - I'm too unsocial and awkward to schmooze people in the art gallery scene and I don't like the negativity/fake politeness I get from people hawking their own artistic wares and seeing me as competition (and forget digital art galleries - that's a dead end).  I practiced painting and that's why my art is so good. I am a great artist now - exactly what I wished to be  when I vowed out loud that I would be one to the universe in the late 1980s . It's taken me until now to feel ready to monetize my work. This is your opportunity to invest in me as I'm old enough to not want many material things but I have grand ideas for art. I could literally, not joking, but literally paint over a ceiling the size of the Sistine Chapel with my figures and it would blow your mind (or people tripping would see something unforgettable for sure)! I just need time and money to do such projects - until then I will send out my art zines and painting etc. Join me my friends!! Samples from my zines below!

Essay on Beatles by Darren Cox

Ringo playing bongos by darren daz cox

My favorite movie is A Hard Days Night. I have watched it many many times and listened to the music for many decades. I find it satisfying that my opinion of Ringo has changed over the years. This is my creative interpolation of that unlearning of the portrayal of Ringo as some lucky schmuck who was in the right place at the right time and rode the coattails of the other genius musicians to fame and fortune. He was far from a freeloader or hired hand - he was the cool guy they admired as Ringo WAS the most BEAT of the Beatles - I just never saw it before!

I have to write this! Not that I discovered some long lost fact about the Beatles (even though it felt like that when I thought the thought that I will reveal right now) RINGO WAS ALWAYS THE COOL BEATLE!!

The plot of the movie "A Hard days Night" basically set the pecking order of the pop group that some of you might never have heard of but everyone older than you has - as weird as that sounds but it's true.

So Ringo was the drummer. He got equal if not more screen time in their masterpiece of a movie so he wasn't neglected but became a meme or stereotype of himself - the big nosed nebbish who just happened to latch on to the biggest band around - but he was the actual real beatnik in the group and when Ringo played the bongos it wasn't kitsch or retro or comedic - it actually was cool -  cool daddy cool Ringo Ding Dong Daddio.

The fact that the other three in the band were maybe not as beatniky as Ringo didn't matter as John, Paul and George were so uncommonly talented that they transcended even being beatniks  and don't forget that their name is literally a testament to their BELIEF IN THE COOLNESS OF THE BEAT.

Cooler than a shitty desk job

Cooler than Elvis

Cooler than tv or movie stars

and Ringo got to be himself - a cool ass beatnik playing bongos

I wish I was as cool as Ringo playing bongos but I'll take transcendent beatnik level too! 

Centerfold of 2008 Gobzine by Darren Cox

Centerfold of the super delux full color 2008 zine

trippy girl art by Darren Cox

2009 poster for zine fans

Love and Robots - short story

Additional Information


Love and Robots.

The first time I saw her she was standing in the general vicinity of where the bus would pick us up, she had a slight scowl and looked uncomfortable in her new school uniform.

They required us British kids to wear a uniform at St. Georges School in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

I said hello and told her the bus would probably come in 5 or 10 minutes. Then my sister started talking to her and I got back into human-resistance mode, after all, the situation was critical, the damn meganoids had over-ran the colonies on Alpha-3 AND the Ajaxian Empire, sentient robots, continued to fight in the Uranium-rich asteroids of Quadrant X. I had enough to think about. My parents had just got divorced.

I saw her again in class, coincidence, she was the same age as me, but she was a civilian and it wouldn’t do to get too friendly as I could be called to coordinate a resistance operation at any time and the odds were pretty slim that I would get back to Earth anytime soon, heck, even with the new advances in time and space warping, I’d be lucky to come back in the same century.

After school, I saw her get off the bus, scowl still attached and some hair-device askew, but I was on an important mission to get to Wod (Edward) and Richards HQ for some serious drawing. I said hello to Carmalita who was making Filipino rice candy sticks, they were ok I ’spose, changed, grabbed my biro and blaster (fully charged in case of cobras and meganoids), set the force field in my bedroom to beam-repel and ran out the door.

The elevator was too slow so I ran down the 9 floors and made my way through the twisted hulks of Federation machinery and de-activated robot killing machines and saw her again, sitting on a railing.

Since I was an officer in the Federation I had to be polite and noticed her scowl had dissipated somewhat, in fact she had a nice smile and her light brown hair was glittering in some trick of the light and I totally forgot about my mission for a few seconds.

Dammit, I could have been picked off by a sniper-drone and the Hong Kong HQ would have one less commander…

She said she was bored and didn’t have any friends and had only been in HK for a week and had a lot of questions she wondered if she could ask.

Since we were Brit’s in Asia we had a common bond so I felt bound to be friendly and asked her to walk down to the beach with me.

Our bock of flats was on the hill overlooking the bay that still had a certain vestigial colonial flavor so it was easy to imagine the HMS Repulse sitting in the bay, sails puffed by the breeze, cannons being shined and decks being swabbed.

As we walked down the road to the beach she told me she had been living in Scotland and her dad was a sargeant major in some (Earth) brigade and she actually laughed a couple of times.

It was a good sound and by the time we were walking on the sand I realized she would be a decent candidate for officer training, I mean, I doubted she could draw robots with the required ferocity our comics deserved, and after the fiasco of letting my sister color in some of the stories (Wild Wolf doesn’t have a navy blue costume, what was she thinking???) we were wary of girls being artists, but I liked her already.

By the time we got to the McDonald's I realized I was thirsty and asked her if she’d like a coke, she said she had no money, but I had pocket money, lots in fact, so i bought her one, and we sat on the white-washed concrete and looked at the fat tourists and groups of Cantonese grilling endless chicken pieces.

She said she had never seen the sea before and wanted to live here forever as it was so pretty.

Looking back, it was idyllic, the bay was a natural crescent of yellow sand and green hills that rose sharply to make the ‘dragons’ back’ and the Repulse Bay hotel was a glittering white festooned with red flowers…We talked for a long time and finally returned to our flats, Wod and Richard would understand.

I saw her the next morning at the bus stop and she seemed happy, but my sister was monopolizing the conversation so I got busy in the temporarily neglected ‘Curse of the Androids’ comic book, copyright SDME+RCC (Sonja, Darren, Mark, Edward and Richards Comic Company).

On the bus I happened to look up and she was looking at me right before we entered the tunnel that separated our island from the mainland, then it was dark and stuffy and I remembered that Emperor Ajax was planning an offensive in the Neutral Decant…

The next day my new American step-dad woke me up, it was Saturday, what was so important? He handed me a pair of binoculars and pointed to the block of flats across from us, a lady was laying smooshed on the ground and people were gathering around.

The next day I found out it was that girl’s mother, she had set her self on fire and lept out of the window, 18 stories up, later I saw these huge black cockroaches in the spot where she had landed. I looked for that girl around the area and again at school but was told she had flown home to live with her grand parents and I never saw her again.

This is based on real events, all these things happened circa late 1970’s, except the girl, she is a combination of all the girls I knew afterwards…

Love and Robots art by Darren Cox
Love and Robots art by Darren Cox


Born in space a few months before reaching the planet where she’d spend the next 19 years of her life, young Rozi became a space hero before she could even talk.

An uncharted group of meteorites hit a colonists spaceship that was on it’s way to a new planet rich with minerals and room to breathe.

For hours the crew and passengers worked feverishly to patch holes and adjust oxygen levels and when the excitement had died down a baby girl was found sitting on the last dangerous hole from the meteorites, her swaddled butt had prevented the air from being sucked out of the cabin to the relief of everyone.

How she had escaped from her crib and found the hole to sit on was a mystery, but she looked very pleased with herself!

Giddy from their brush with death, the crew of the colonists ship gave baby Rozi the highest honor it could bestow, that was the official title of “Space Hero“.

On land the title was a curiosity and sometimes a conversation piece, not too amazing considering the multiplicity of achievements the human race provided for people to oooh and ahhh about, but in space it carried weight, in a potential life and death situation you wanted a hero nearby, or just to know there was one on board and because of this, ’space heros’ were given free passage and preferencial treatment on all honest spaceships.

Perhaps it was just wishful thinking but whenever a captain announced the presence of an official space hero on board to his passengers there was always a sigh of relief…

Rozi grew up and adapted to being a ground-hog in the colony, her space legs remembered only in her dreams, and she eventually joined the newly built university as an art student.

Her beauty, intelligence and general fearlessness made her a natural leader and she was elected as the student government representative for the art department.

She took the duty seriously and when the news that the Giant Killer Space Robot, a poorly named peice of space-junk, a derelict and aparantly, alien, vessel that had fallen into the planets orbit, was to be opened to the public for tours, she lobbied for and ultimately organized a trip to it for her fellow art students.

What happened when they arrived on the gleaming alien ship would astound all that heard of it.

Amazingly, for the first time since it was discovered, its lights powered up and engines hummed with metallic power.

Creative energy was the key, the military and scientists had a little of course, but not the burning intensity of art students and that is how Rozi and her friends were asked to find out what they could about the spaceship and eventually commissioned to pilot it into the unknown!!!

Cast includes Rozi, the space hero(Captain).

Gemma the guinea pig trainer (Rozi’s baby sister, a stowaway that saves the day every other episode).

Kassy, Gemma’s friend, along for the ride but charming in her own right.

Daz the phony space pirate(formerly bitter, dying, asshole of an old man who neglected his artistic side until a black hole transmuted his dna back to that of a young man and he had the chance to live again, as an artist in a spaceship full of hot art chicks (hey it’s my story, I’ll write whatever I want!!) after the crew of the GKSR found his diabled craft floating in space).

Muffin Man (Second in command, solid, dependable, constantly embarrased by the girls..), and many more!!

This story is printed in Go B Zine summer 2008 issue!

Trippy nude girl painting by Darren Cox
Trippy nude girl painting by Darren Cox

Mohr Values are Important! (short sci-fi romance)

 The following short story takes place aboard the Giant Killer Death Space Robot, a incorrectly named formerly derelict piece of alien technology that runs on creative energy, nick-named Pinky Purple by the stowaway Gemma, it travels through space piloted by the most creative people a mining colony planet could spare, teenage art students. 


today's broadcast… oooh they picked up a teacher! 

lovely Beff, with her green eyes, chestnut brown hair and librarian-chick glasses has joined captain Rozi and the crew.She has the required amount of creative energy to help make the spaceship run and saves the day in this cheesy short story!!

Sirens blared throughout the ship waking Beff from a comfortably erotic dream, she hurried to the engineering deck where the others were gathering…

Cait was arguing with Muffin Man “we can’t put a diamond in there, it’s too hard, it’ll chew up the titanium nitride housing, we’re doomed unless we can get a crystal for the tractor beam, it doesn’t have to be big but it has to be a natural stone..”

Muffin Man was sweating, rarely did a back-up system fail but this one had and the results could be deadly, whatever crystal had been in the lens was now shattered and none of the replacements seemed to fit.

Beff, lifted up her shirt and took the emerald out of the silver clasp on the end of the chain, she had up until then planned to give it to her daughter as her mother had done so for her but there was no time for sentimentality, they needed the emerald now or the tractor beam would fail and the anti-matter would blow them into neutrons.

Beff handed Rozi the stone, still warm from it’s formerly cozy place between her breasts. The stone, once locked in the titanium assembly could not be removed in one piece but it would save their lives. It did.

"How did you know that an emerald would work?" asked Gemma, who obviously had found a role model worthy of her worship due to the look of wonderment and gratification on her face. Beff realized that while Gemma was slightly younger then the rest of crew save Kassy, she was also bright enough to understand solid science.

“Read up on Mohr values“, Beff said, “the scale of soft to hardness of elements, an emerald is around 7.5, diamonds are the maximum of 10 and titanium nitrite is around 9. An emerald is one of few stones that fit the parameters of the assembly, and it’s unfortunate that we don’t have a lot of spares around!” Kassy, eager to be first in line for a Beff fan club, said “emeralds are actually rarer than diamonds I read“.

Kassy looked at Beff for validation. Nodding, Beff said, “yes, they are, and that one came all the way from Earth, my great great grandmother was given that one by her artist boyfriend when she was a young woman, I have one his sketches of her in my cabin if you like to see it”. 

Later, after the excitement had died down, Kassy looked at the sketch of the beautiful woman, elegantly nude she lay reclined with a blissful smile that told of a love that would inspire generations to come, the emerald was the same color as the eyes of the lady in the sketch….Kassy looked on the back of sketch and found a short poem…

Emeralds are beautiful 

like sitting in the forest by a waterfall 

with sparkling light and a verdant hue

they lay serene like a mossy pool

a splended green that brings forth sighs 

but not quite as precious as your eyes…

by author and artist Darren Daz Cox

This universe voted (their) Lemmy Kilmister as the King of the Human federation because when they looked at all the alien races and their achievements the only thing that set us as a race apart was the fact that we rock, and no one has rocked and loved as hard as the mighty Lemmy from Motörhead! (except The Ramones but their spaceship was lost in a Black Hole and we may never hear from them again  )

"This one is for Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee Ramone, wherever they may be." - Lemmy’s words before Motörhead play the song ‘R.A.M.O.N.E.S.’.


~**ahh poetry**~

collage of art by Darren Cox aka Daz Gobzine


 My Best Poem
how precious are dreams
that logical themes
quote facts in attempt to deny you
that magical day, when you can say
I believed!
and that's why they ARE true! 


 I am the blueberry that you saw
in that big old spiderweb
I dangle in random absurdity
like some strange poem
you might have read... 


 Thesis Statement
I like art, I do art,
I do art all the time, 
I do a lot of art 
and when I'm not
sometimes I write a rhyme! 


Sand 'tween my toes
and minimal clothes
make for fun in the sun
yeah you know it!

but the seashore at night
is a sensual sight
as the moonbeams
sow love seeds for poets!


Time is a weird thing
goes sooo slow when yer
waiting for the bell to ring
goes fast on Christmas
and sunny days
and when you're in love
it compresses and strays,
time is elastic
and sometimes like glue
but it's never wasted
when I talk to you!


all great artists seem full of doubt
there is too much inside
and not enough out
but each piece of art
makes someones day,
perhaps our souls
need it that way.


Would this have made
a good last day?
did I accomplish
any kharmalade goal?
did I climb some sunsetted peak
by the bay
to placate my expectant soul?
no, but i did take a second
to look around
like that dude
with his own Iron Chefs,
and in that infinity portal
i'll go as a mortal
suspecting it's all for the best....


I remember something good
back when days
unfolded like
a grand adventure should.
I don't want to just fit in
be functional like some machine,
I want a purpose
need the wind
to blow the scent of fortune
on my skin.
Are you of that small percent
who cannot fold
who will not bend
who takes a soul and strips it bare
not because you can
but because it's there... ?


You Is You
You are you and that is good
you may not be what they say you should
or be that which you cannot be
and you wouldn't want to be like me
but I see you as you and so
if you see me unmasked say "yo"
"what makes Me me is all unique
what makes us Us makes us complete"


I Artist
i sometimes wonder
if it is so
that I am an artist
simply because i say so
was I born with talent
to write or to paint?
a prodigy perhaps?
there's no doubt that I aint
not a leader or lackey
no big money schemes
but an artist 
resulting from having big dreams
they say visualise
what you want to be
regardless of what people say
and all will come true
quite possibly
some happy day!!


Amongst the speckled field of black
I saw the dandelion star
it winked at me
and I winked back
and sent that wish up far,
the other stars
looked more like gems
like diamonds stuck in tar,
but I liked the mellow
glow of the yellow
wonderful dandelion star.
like crystal fish the others sit
cold like a platinum bar,
but how can you miss
when you make a wish
upon the dandelion star?


We two stars
burn so intense
without pretense or fuss
and what would we say
if somewhere far away
someone made a wish upon us?
for the darker the night
the brighter the light
that shines for every face
so get up and stay
in the vast milky way
and add your light to the space!


cute dancing kittens painting by Darren Cox
Life sized horse painting by Darren Cox aka Daz Gobzine - Studios at Sheridan in Peoria Illinois
underground uncensored art zine


I was the first person to use this word on the internet (at least it wasn't in search engines before I made a website). This is not the French art mag, sorry, but I used the word first! I have made many art zines and sent them across the world and plan to do so again - I have years worth of content to send you!